Jennie Tasman, Chief Financial Officer

When she revisited her more-than-twenty-years-of career, she could say that she had done almost everything that she had studied for and achieved not only the prowess, but also found the love and passion for finance. Her career in finance started when the late Ken Sudarto offered her to handle his office-of-the-chairman’s financial matters including his own private investments. She was on the last leg of her study at University of Indonesia, majoring in financial management.

After the 1998’s Indonesian economic crisis, she was assigned to help Pak Ken managed the Indocafe account, together with his son, Michael Sudarto.

For about five years, she built her career in account servicing, believing that this was her love and passion, not knowing that Michael had another path for her that led once again to finance.  In January 2004 she began her new post as Finance Manager in the newly formed Pantarei.  She started establishing Pantarei’s financial system, then the traffic and administration.  Only after she took over Pantarei’s accounting and tax affairs from Matari Advertising, she began falling helplessly in love with finance and accounting.  It was as if a new horizon was opened towards her, and she felt extremely excited to play with numbers and end up with totally different results. After seven years of ups and downs, she is ready to strengthen her love in finance by becoming a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) candidate.

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